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The Opium Smokers by Eleanor Moore Robertson


Watercolour by Eleanor Moore Robertson, ca. 1936, The Opium Smokers. The artist was the wife of the British consul in Shanghai during the 1930s. Sold with record of exhibition and a letter from her daughter.

Eleanor Moore Robertson (1885-1955) was born in Northern Ireland and studied at Glasgow School of Art. She married Dr Robert Cecil Robertson in 1922 and, upon his appointment as Director of Public Health with Shanghai Municipal Council, moved to China in 1925. They were evacuated during the Sino Japanese War but, during the 1930s, she completed a series of watercolours brilliantly evoking life in Shanghai during one of its most exciting periods. Her daughter, writer and critic Ailsa Tanner, has written that her watercolours ‘offer a lively and valuable record of life in the China of fifty years ago, seen from a foreigner’s eyes . . . ‘.

Illustrated in The Dictionary of Scottish Painters, Halsby & Harris, five editions 1990-2010.

£stg 7,500

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