Ceramics, Inventory, Small, perfectly formed

Song dynasty wine ewer

388 Song wine pot & lid

Our ref 329  A most beautiful and rare Song dynasty wine pot/ewer and cover ca. 12th century. Of six-lobed form, carved with leaf design and with distinctive pale blue glaze typical of qingbai pieces. Almost certainly made in Jiangxi province 12-13th century. Some crackling to glaze otherwise excellent condition.

Height: 8cm.

Provenance: The Dunlop Estate, formerly of Seton House in East Lothian during the 19th century and latterly of Selkirk, via Border Auctions Ltd


song pot gv2 song pot gv

song pot dtl2 song pot dtl

song pot lid song pot base

Above, left undersite of lid  Above right base of ewer


Ceramics Inventory Small, perfectly formed